Key Points When Choosing Dedicated Server Hosting


Digital transformation is the reality of the new normal. Almost 50% of companies worldwide focus on digital transformation and meeting customer experience and satisfaction parameters. Hence, many brick-and-mortar businesses prefer online channels to reach customers and enhance their brand’s credibility. However, building a website is incomplete without web hosting operations. Hence, enterprises prefer dedicated hosting servers with reliable web hosting infrastructure where they host volumes of web projects. If you are looking for a cheap option, MilesWeb's dedicated server hosting is there.

Key Points When Choosing Dedicated Server Hosting

Leasing cPanel dedicated servers by MilesWeb at an affordable dedicated hosting price will keep your business site maximum time available with a good user experience. Hence, your site will be consistent in the web space and focus on generating revenue.

Dedicated servers come with more power and features than shared or VPS hosting. Whether you take into account the bandwidth or the disk space, dedicated hosting servers excel in the competition. But many of you ignore dedicated servers after looking at their price tag. Don’t worry! You can get affordable dedicated hosting services, and in this blog, we have discussed some points to consider for the same. Follow them and get a best-in-class dedicated server for your enterprise-level web hosting needs.

Perks of Choosing Dedicated Servers

Make the Most of Complete Server Resources

In dedicated hosting servers, website owners get entire resources like CPU, RAM, and disk space to host volumes of websites and applications. It means you have a complete storage drive, processing speed, bandwidth, and memory and host as many web projects as possible. Make the most of every server space in that allocated space and host web projects hassle-free.

Keep Security Standards Optimum

Dedicated servers never compromise with data security measures. Due to this, all sensitive information available on websites is not vulnerable to hackers or malware software. As the server belongs to one hosting account user, it nullifies the chances of sharing user’s loopholes to cause security vulnerability of your data or applications.

For further protection, MilesWeb offers SSL-encrypted dedicated servers to protect information. Most of you have seen the padlock icon in the URL address bar, and that padlock assures data security and more visitors prefer secured websites.

Get custom servers

You have to satisfy yourself with limited server specs in shared hosting or VPS hosting. It means you have to host websites or applications according to the server’s configurations. However, not the same case is with dedicated hosting servers, and Website owners can configure them or ask web hosting companies to do the same according to their needs.

What to Consider While Choosing Dedicated Hosting Servers?

High-Level Security

According to reports, 60% of hacked online businesses close their ventures within six months. So, do you want the same circumstance with your biz? If not, then prefer dedicated hosting servers that assure stable security. Servers should be under the eyes of web hosting companies, and MilesWeb provides managed dedicated hosting services to clients.

The data security of enterprises is the utmost priority. That is why free SSL certifications with every dedicated hosting server are available and keep no room for data hacking. With this, protect all your sensitive information related to customers' business and financial records, including personal information.

Hardware Quality

The hardware quality of a dedicated server plays a crucial role in web hosting operations. Choose MilesWeb’s dedicated servers with enterprise-grade SSDs and Dell and HP servers. Always prefer the branded hardware to meet your web hosting needs. Top-quality dedicated hosting hardware will give your site maximum availability and foster a better online presence.

Prominent dedicated hosting servers have good hardware quality, which is why MilesWeb can provide 99.95% guaranteed uptime. Host all your resource-intensive applications with the maximum availability of your internet visitors.

Consider Scalability

Every business worldwide has one common objective, ‘growth’. Scaling the business reach is a dream of every entrepreneur. So, if your website grows at a steady speed, you will require more server resources like disk space and others. Hence, opt for dedicated servers to ensure your online business growth for the longer term.

Such choices will help you scale your business and won’t be challenging. Increase the presence of your site and maximize your web projects’ efficiency with the help of dedicated servers. By choosing a prominent dedicated hosting server, you don’t have to upgrade your existing hosting plan every now and then for scalability purposes.

Closing Line

Dedicated hosting servers are top-performing and provide a reliable hosting infrastructure. Thus, enterprises prefer dedicated hosting servers with top-notch features. With MilesWeb’s plans, get cPanel, managed support (at additional costs), and top-grade processors to enhance your web presence. Also, don’t worry about servers’ expenses because MilesWeb has affordable web hosting services with top-grade features for Linux and Windows operating systems. Also, their servers are SSL protected.


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